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We are regarded as the training provider of choice for 1000’s of companies worldwide. Staff training and development has a proven positive impact on the performance of your business.

Whether you have a requirement within your organisation and an employee who could be ideal with additional skills, knowledge and confidence, or have been approached by a member of staff asking for training – we will gain a full understanding of your organisations objectives and recommend the most appropriate training route for your employees.

We can help you fill the skills gap. Our team of specialist advisors are able identify your employees areas of development and recommend a course from our comprehensive portfolio of qualifications to meet to fulfil both your employee’s aspirations in line with your business aims. By enrolling as a group your organisation will benefit from a complete layer of your organisational structure having a developed understanding and specialist knowledge which they can share.

The future success of your business is wholly dependent on the development of your staff. A professional industry qualification and/or training programme will improve productivity, inspire loyalty, reduce staff turnover, enable career development within your organisation along with harnessing innovative ideas and all the benefits of having a highly qualified workforce. Our distance learning package is an ideal solution for business and organisations – enabling staff to study in a flexible way, adapting to their circumstances and meeting your requirements. You as a Business Sponsor will be provided with regular updates on the progress of your staff.

Our team of specialist advisors offer an invaluable service to our clients by gaining a sound understanding of your objectives and recommending a route for each employee to successfully achieve their potential. Long term rewards from such a short term investment… the benefits speak for themselves;

  • Improves motivation, therefore increases productivity
  • Investing in your staff leads to increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Greater efficiency achieved in all area increases your profit margin
  • Gives your company a competitive advantage
  • Reduces skills gap within your organisation
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • An increase in confidence and decision making skills = improvement in capability and positive attitude
  • Creating the future leaders of your business
  • Impact of staff development is seen throughout the wider organisation through the dissemination of new information, new information, new skills and knowledge
  • Knowledge transfer


We work with a number of different organisations within the corporate sector including…