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And a recent study by Oxford Economics revealed that replacing members of staff costs approximately £30,614 per employee…

How can an Employee Development Plan help businesses save money and retain talent?

Training opportunities can boost engagement across your workforce. By investing in your employee’s development through workforce training, you are demonstrating your commitment to their future at your organisation and consequently, making your team feel valued and respected.

87% of engaged employees are less likely to leave your organisation. 

At DLC, once we understand your business, workforce and professional development requirements, we can recommend the most suitable qualifications to fulfil both the aspirations of your employees and the aims of your business.

We offer accredited qualifications from level 2 to level 7 in a diverse range of industries covering an even wider array of topics. Our flexible and unique approach allows businesses to develop every individual, at any level, in every department.

Every organisation is different, and so is every employee, which is why we believe in building bespoke training strategies customised around you.

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