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CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Training Course

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership gives you all the key skills and competencies you need to become an effective strategic manager. As with the Diploma, the Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership will qualify you for full CMI membership, as well as taking you another step closer towards achieving Chartered Manager status.

Exploring a range of topics, including financial management and planning, strategic project management and risk management strategies, the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma is best suited to senior management professionals with responsibility for translating organisational strategy into effective performance. If you’d like to build your confidence and ability as a leader, or if you’re seeking to certify your existing skills, you can choose from a diverse range of units in order to tailor the Level 7 Extended Diploma to your interests or professional needs.

With a study period of 24 months and a total qualification time of 660 hours, the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is a thorough and comprehensive route to becoming a successful strategic leader.

To successfully achieve the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma, you will need to complete a total of 66 credits. To make up the credits needed to pass, you will need to complete all units from Group A and a minimum of 18 credits from Group B, from the selection below:


  • Personal Development as a Strategic Manager (6 Credits)
  • Developing Performance Management Strategies (7 Credits)
  • Financial Management (7 Credits)
  • Strategic Information Management (9 Credits)
  • Reviewing Organisational Strategy Plans and Performance (9 Credits)
  • Conducting a Strategic Management Project (10 Credits)


  • Financial Planning (6 Credits)
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy (6 Credits)
  • Strategic Project Management (6 Credits)
  • Strategic Leadership (7 Credits)
  • Strategic Leadership Practices (7 Credits)
  • Implementing Organisational Change Strategies (7 Credits)
  • Strategic Human Resource Planning (8 Credits)
  • Strategic Planning (9 Credits)
  • Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (9 Credits)
  • Developing Risk Management Strategies (9 Credits)
  • Introduction to Strategic Management & Leadership (10 Credits)

Scroll down to find out more about each unit on the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma course, or click to collapse this section.


Personal Development as a Strategic Manager – 6 Credits

  • Identify personal skills to achieve strategic ambitions
  • Manage personal leadership development to support achievement of strategic ambitions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership development plan
  • How to advocate a staff welfare environment that supports organisational values

Developing Performance Management Strategies – 7 Credits

  • Set performance targets of teams to meet strategic objectives
  • How to agree team performance targets to contribute to meeting strategic objectives
  • Monitor actions and activities defined to improve team performance
  • How to apply influencing and persuading skills, to the dynamics and politics of personal interactions

Financial Management – 7 Credits

  • Analyse financial data
  • Assess budgets based on financial data to support organisational objectives
  • Evaluate financial proposals for expenditure submitted by others

Strategic Information Management – 9 Credits

  • The impact of management information on decision making
  • The importance of information sharing within the organisation
  • How to use information to inform and support strategic decision making
  • Monitor and review management information

Reviewing Organisational Strategy Plans and Performance – 9 Credits

  • Review and determine the organisational strategic aims and objectives
  • Identify and analyse progress towards organisational strategic aims and objectives
  • How to determine and evaluate strategic options to support a revised strategic position

Conducting a Strategic Management Project – 10 Credits

  • Identify and justify a strategic investigative project
  • How to conduct research, using sources, and synthesise data and options
  • How to draw conclusions and make recommendations that achieve the project aim
  • Develop and review the results of the investigative project


Financial Planning – 6 Credits

  • Understand how the financial plan supports strategic objectives
  • Understand the construction of a financial plan
  • How to promote the financial plan in support of strategic objectives

Developing a Marketing Strategy – 6 Credits

  • How the marketing plan supports strategic objectives
  • The construction of a marketing plan
  • How to promote the marketing plan in support of strategic objectives

Strategic Project Management – 6 Credits

  • The impact of projects and project management on strategic objectives
  • The elements of a project process and plan
  • How to implement the project plan and evaluate the outcome(s)

Strategic Leadership – 7 Credits

  • Understand the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership
  • Strategic leadership styles
  • Be able to understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisational direction

Strategic Leadership Practices – 7 Credits

  • The relationship between strategic management and leadership
  • Leadership principles that support organisational values
  • Leadership strategies and the impact on organisation direction

Implementing Organisational Change Strategies – 7 Credits

  • How to apply solutions to organisational change
  • How to develop a change strategy using implementation models
  • Analyse an organisational response to change
  • How to evaluate the impact of change strategies

Strategic Human Resource Planning – 8 Credits

  • How the HR plan supports the strategic objectives
  • The legal and organisational frameworks for the employment of staff
  • The effect of the organisational environment on staff
  • The grievance, discipline and dismissal process

Strategic Planning – 9 Credits

  • The purpose of a strategic plan
  • How to select a strategic direction from analysis of alternative strategic options
  • Implement, evaluate, monitor and review the strategic plan

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility – 9 Credits

  • The development and alignment of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • Implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • The evaluation, impact and reinforcement of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Developing Risk Management Strategies – 9 Credits

  • The concept of risk, roles and responsibilities for risk management, and risk management tools and models
  • Resourcing and implementation of risk management strategy
  • Evaluation and management of risk management strategies

Introduction to Strategic Management & Leadership – 10 Credits

  • The relationships and construction of a personal development plan
  • How to understand data and information and apply knowledge to the skills of quantitative analysis
  • Core marketing concepts, the need for staff increases and the evaluation and support of others
You don’t need any prior qualifications to enrol on the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership—your eligibility will be determined by your level of experience. This qualification is designed for senior managers and strategic leaders within an organisation. If your role focuses on the implementation of organisational strategy, this could be the right distance learning course for you.

If you’re unsure if this is the best qualification to develop your career, our expert Course Advisors offer free career assessments where we will analyse your current experience and career goals in order to recommend the right course for you. Call us today on 0800 012 6770 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Throughout each unit of the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, you will be asked to complete a number of bite-sized tasks that will be submitted to your tutor for marking. The aim of these short tasks, and the tailored feedback you’ll receive, is to help you develop at every opportunity. The tasks will ensure that you have a solid understanding of each learning outcome, giving you the best possible chance of completing your end-of-unit assignment successfully.

All tasks and assignments are completed through the DLC Learning Hub, an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed at any time. The hub offers a huge library of resources, guides and tools to assist you with your Level 7 Extended Diploma course. 

Once you have submitted your end-of-unit assignment, it will be marked by one of our industry expert tutors, who will provide constructive and practical feedback. You will then have the opportunity to resubmit your assignment based on their comments. This approach has been created to help every student reach their full potential.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a highly regarded organisation, which accredits internationally-recognised leadership and management qualifications. CMI qualifications are designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to drive your personal progression forward.

Once you have completed your Level 7 Extended Diploma, you will receive an Ofqual regulated certificate that demonstrates your commitment to your personal development and your ability as a manager, which is highly sought after by employers.

Ofqual is the government body that maintains standards in education across England. Because we are Ofqual regulated, you can rest assured that each qualification we produce is of high quality, comprehensive and a valuable investment.

The CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is comparable to a Master’s Degree, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate. Studying a CMI Extended Diploma with DLC offers full flexibility for a qualification of the same level, allowing you to study online in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Download our qualification framework to see how the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma compares with our range of other management and leadership qualifications.

The CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership will require approximately 660 hours of study time. As part of your DLC student package, you will receive 24 months of unrivalled support from an individually assigned mentor and a team of expert tutors who are dedicated to your success. 

We pride ourselves on being the most flexible learning provider in the UK and we understand that sometimes life can get in the way. For whatever reason, if you feel like you need some extra study time, we offer a range of course extensions.  

Finance should never stop you from achieving your career goals. That’s why we offer a range of payment methods for our courses, including interest-free payment plans. By paying a small deposit and setting up monthly, manageable payments via direct debit, you can enrol onto the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma course straight away. To make it even easier to complete, this option is paper-free and can be completed online. Our Course Advisors are also here to guide you through the process if you need any help.

We understand that enrolling on a course is an investment in both time and money, so we offer a guarantee to help put your mind at ease. If you are unable to pass your course first time for any reason, you can resit the whole study period free of charge.

If your employer is paying for your qualification, they may be eligible for funding. For further information on our exclusive training grant or anything else about the Level 7 Extended Diploma course, call us today on 0800 012 6770.

Studying with DLC offers more one-to-one support than with any other distance learning provider. The learning experience we provide is entirely focused on the development of each student, and we provide marking and constructive feedback for every piece of work you submit—not just your final assignment. In addition to extensive online resources and support, we offer free monthly face-to-face or online workshops with our industry expert tutors. Get in touch with your dedicated student mentor to arrange a session.

Your mentor will be assigned upon enrolment and will be your first point of contact for all enquiries or support issues. They are highly trained in providing motivation, helping you manage your studies, and keeping you on track to successfully complete your CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma.

As our distance learning courses can be carried out entirely online, you can study in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. You can revisit your course materials and study guides as frequently as you need to, simply by logging into your customised account on our learning platform. Through the platform, you can contact the subject tutors and your mentor, giving you unlimited access to their expert guidance and advice. You will also be provided with a direct email address and telephone number, as well as Whatsapp, Skype and Facetime options, so you can choose how you would prefer to keep in touch with your support team.

The DLC support package is unrivalled, and we have a 98% pass rate to prove it.

Students who successfully complete the Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership have access to more opportunities for progression, such as a fast-track MBA route. The CMI Extended Diploma can be the first step to achieving MBA status, saving you tens of thousands in student loans and university fees. By progressing to an MBA through distance learning, you can also continue to work and earn a salary as you study part-time.

The combination of accredited distance learning and a one-year MBA program is the most cost-effective and time-saving avenue available.

If you’re a senior manager, the CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership can help you develop your confidence and ability as a strategic leader. It can also be used to certify your existing skills and knowledge, enabling you to take the next step towards Chartered Manager status.

Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Awarded only by CMI, thousands of UK managers at all levels and across all sectors now hold Chartered Manager status, and are highly valued because of it. Working towards this status will help to ensure that you’ve got all the qualifications you need to secure the best opportunities for your ongoing career.

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