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Ian Wild

Head of Accounting

Ian has over 30 years’ experience in accountancy, making him the perfect person to pass down his wealth of knowledge and experience within the sector to ensure you succeed.

His experience includes, being a SAGE Line50 tutor, accountancy tutor, trainer and payroll manager as well as an assistant accountant.
You can guarantee Ian will use his accounting expertise to help you achieve that new future.

Neil Roll

Head of Logistics

Neil has over 30 years’ experience in managerial roles within the logistics and transport sector and will help you achieve outstanding results due to his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Like many experts Neil worked his up from a management trainee to where he is today, meaning he knows the value of hard work and how to reach the top.

He is here to share his years of knowledge to help you get the future you want and deserve.

Phil Henderson

Head of Supply Chain, Export and Manufacturing

Phil has extensive experience within the Supply Chain and Logistics sector, working his way up from the production line to a management position. Over the years, Phil has even lead projects outside of the UK for large car manufacturers.

His hands on experience makes him and expert in knowing what it takes to get to the top, making him the perfect person to guide you on this journey.

Sean Pybus

Head of Human Resources and Management

Sean has over 8 years’ experience as a Human Resources professional at various levels making his years of hand on experience, an essential tool to your success.

He will pass down his knowledge, skills and advice to ensure you get the best result you can achieve and improve your job prospects.