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Payment Options

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1. Payment in Full

If your budget allows, you can make your payment in full and start your studies knowing the cost of your course is complete.

You can do this is a variety of ways such as: Pay Pal, Visa Debit, Bank Transfers, MasterCard or American Express to name a few!

 2. Interest free credit

We offer interest free credit via our finance provider. This allows you to pay your course fee in manageable monthly payments.

To make it even easier to complete, this option is paper free and completed entirely online. Our Course Specialists are also here to guide you through the process if needed.

3. Monthly instalments

Our monthly instalments make it easy and simple for you to pay for your course, in small monthly chunks.

There’s no need to worry about your payments or even think about them, as you can create a standing order to ensure your monthly payments are made on time.